So xtracold is my corner of the web, for as the header says “my stuff, my opinion…me”. Me being Jamie Wardlaw, born 21st December 1977 in Kelso, Scotland.

Some years have passed since then and I now live and work in Squamish, BC. The day job is as a safety control system developer for Burner Management Systems that you would find in the industrial and process control installations (think boilers, refineries, process plants etc). That is a consequence of a number of things over the years, starting with a mechanical engineering and management degree from the University of Edinburgh. Post degree I embarked upon a software engineering path that led to automotive applications and the more recent switch into industrial process control. But lets not dwell on the daily grind!

Outside of the day job I spend my time Mountain Biking, Snowboarding and the drinking the odd locally brewed beverage. I’m also increasingly interested in photography so I intend to use xtracold as a means to share my efforts with those interested in taking a look.

The software engineering and geek side of me is always fighting to get out. That is in part the reason why xtracold exists. A name that derives from a passion I had for a certain beverage while living in Bath, England many years ago. The site has taken a few formats since then, but now i’ve settled for a wordpress back-end. The Tech section will detail in time some of the finer details of the site implementation, and also touch upon some other areas that I dabble in such as perl scripting, systems engineering tools and the matlab simulink design environment.

So check back soon to see what’s happening, thanks for reading!

JW – xtracold.